Welcome to Norwegian language training at Follo Kvalifiseringssenter

Our school offers Norwegian language training for adult refugees and immigrants. Our teachers have long experience and use a variety of teaching methods to help you learn Norwegian.

We offer courses for adults who

  •     have little or no formal schooling
  •     have completed some years of primary or lower secondary schooling
  •     have completed upper secondary school or higher education

In addition we have

  •     a canteen and a kitchen where Norwegian language training is combined with cooking
  •     a workshop including for instance sewing machines, where you learn Norwegian through practical work

Our teaching hours are

  •     daily Monday to Friday at 08.30 – 11.45

If you live in one of our three owner municipalities (Frogn, Ski or Vestby), you may be entitled to Norwegian language training free of charge at our centre.


Courses for beginners start four times a year.


If you know some Norwegian, you will be interviewed by a teacher before starting to find out what course suits you the best.


We also offer the Introductory Programme for refugees living in Frogn, Ski or Vestby municipalities. The Introductory Programme is a full time course with classes five days a week; the teaching hours are from 08.30 to 15.00.


Please bring a copy of your passport on your first day of classes.


We welcome you to learning Norwegian at Follo Kvalifiseringssenter.

Information in English

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